Saturday, November 27, 2010

FMX Riders v1.0 iPhone iPod Touch iPad-iOSPDA

A great game released by iOSPDA, it’s FMX Riders for your iDevice. Enjoy!
Description: FMX Riders is an Arcade Freestyle Motocross Racer loaded with features, the most important being it’s FUN!  Whether it’s going through the World Circuit Career mode, challenging your friends with your best Replays/Ghosts, fighting your way to the top of the 15+ Leaderboards or upping your rank in the Online Multiplayer, FMX Riders is here to deliver!

Key Features:
  • Colorful Art Style
  • 4 Games modes : Race, Freestyle, Time Attack and Hotlap Time Attack
  • World Circuit Career mode with 9 Tours and over 40 events
  • Online Multiplayer via Game Center with Auto Matchmaking
  • Game Center Global Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Save and share replays with your Game Center friends
  • Intuitive Tilt and Touch controls
  • Retina Display
  • External Screen output (iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4, and Apple’s Component AV Cable or iPad VGA Adapter required)

Release name: FMX.Riders.v1.0.iPhone.iPod.Touch.iPad-iOSPDA
Size: 55.04 MB

Agile Web Solutions 1Password v3.5.1 MacOSX Incl. Keymaker-CORE

Core & released latest version of 1Password from Agile Web Solutions. iPhone version is released by Lz0PDA.  This application is a Safari and Firefox-integrated password manager and form filler.
Password is a password manager that goes beyond simple password storage by integrating directly with your web browser to automatically log you into websites, enter credit card information, fill registration forms, and easily generate strong passwords. All your confidential information, including passwords, identities, and credit cards, is kept in one secure place, protected by the only password you will need to remember. 1Password is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

  • Password Manager Manage all your user ids and passwords in one place.
  • Strong Encryption All information is stored securely using military strength encryption.
  • Form Filler Selectively save entered form information so it can be automatically reentered.
  • Automatic Information Entry Automatically fill forms with your profile information and more.

Release names:
Size: 23.61 mb (both versions)
Download: Hotfile, FileServe,

iPhone Top 25 Week 47 + Requests

iPhone Top 25 Week 47 + Requests | 4.57 GB
Here you go! Another small update for iPhone/iTouch. Have fun!

Download - Hotfile

Download - FileServe

Download - Filesonic

Download -

Application for Iphone 2010 Update 11 Nov

Application for Iphone 2010 (Update 11 Nov) | 4.54 GB
Discover thousands of applications you can download for iPhone 4. Browse the App Store for games and apps for business, entertainment, and more.
Content :
Sygic Aura Drive
iGO My Way


FIFA 11 by EA SPORTS™(World) [1.1.4] [iPhone/iPod Touch]

FIFA 11 by EA SPORTS™ (World) [1.1.4] [iPhone/iPod Touch]
ENG | iOS 3.0 | Developer: Electronic Arts | 840 MB
FIFA 11 makes a new step in a realistic representation of the players. System "Personalization" recreates their look and feel with the ball and without any point of the field based on the personal skills of real players. FIFA 11 is the new system Pro Passing, in which the fidelity is determined not only the skill of a gamer in the possession of the controller, but also taking into account the abilities of each player and the situation on the field. Complete freedom in the interaction of players will make the side collision in the full fight for the ball. In the new game you are waiting for 28 licensed leagues, 50 stadiums, over 500 teams and more than 15000 players.
In the new game you are waiting for 28 licensed leagues, 50 stadiums, over 500 teams and more than 15000 players.

Requires firmware 3.0 and not lower iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 iPod touch (3 and 4 generation) and the iPad.


Monday, November 22, 2010

iPad Top 25 Week 44

iPad Top 25 Week 44 | 1.90 GB

Here you go! A small update for iPad.


Download -


Download - Top 25 Week 44.part1.rar Top 25 Week 44.part2.rar Top 25 Week 44.part3.rar Top 25 Week 44.part4.rar Top 25 Week 44.part5.rar Top 25 Week 44.part6.rar Top 25 Week 44.part7.rar Top 25 Week 44.part8.rar

iOS 4.2.1 GM Restore for iPhone 4

iOS 4.2.1 GM Restore for iPhone 4 | 624 MB
A week after the release of the second version of the GM-iOS 4.2 for the iPad, Apple releases updates iOS 4.2.1 marked as Gold Master for iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. Assembly is designed for developers.


iOS 4.2.1 GM Restore for iPhone 3G

Street Fighter IV 1.00.05 iPhone iPod Touch

Street Fighter IV 1.00.05 iPhone iPod Touch | 356 MB
Street Fighter 4 delivers the first true fighting game on iPhone. This uncompromising fighter features all the visceral thrills, fantastic graphics and brilliant gameplay that are hallmarks of the series. Long time Street Fighter fans can jump into the action and have an instant familiarity with the controls. For more casual players Street Fighter 4 features numerous settings and tutorials that put you on the path to world warrior. Oh, and did we mention MULTIPLAYER. Street Fighter 4 supports head-to-head arcade play over Bluetooth!

•Fight as 14 Street Fighter characters in 11 different environments.
•Full move sets including Unique Attacks, Special Moves, Focus Attacks, Super Combos and Ultra Combos.
•For a true arcade experience, battle head-to-head on Bluetooth against friends and foes alike.
•Robust “Dojo” boot camp transforms neophytes into Street Fighter masters in five in-depth lessons.
•Customize the controls for your style of play. Move the buttons anywhere you want on the screen and set the level of transparency.
•Unleash super moves with a tap of the “SP” button, or toggle it off from the “Options” menu if you want to enter the button combo manually.
•Four levels of difficulty.

Download (FileSonic) :

OnOne Genuine Fractals Professional 6.0.8 for MacOSX

OnOne Genuine Fractals Professional 6.0.8 | Mac OSX | 51 MB
Genuine Fractals is the industry standard for enlarging and resizing images. It is renowned across the photographic and printing industries for its ability to increase image size without the loss of sharpness or detail that you might normally expect. The patented, fractal-based interpolation algorithms work like nothing else and the results speak for themselves.

Enlarge an image to any size or resolution you desire.
Maintain fine image detail and eliminate edge halos.
Crop and resize images in one easy step.
Maintain fine image detail.


Daylite 3.12 for Mac OsX

Daylite 3.12 Mac OsX | 62 MB
Daylite helps businesses organize themselves with tools such as shared calendars, contacts, tasks, projects, notes and more. Enable easy collaboration with features such as task and project delegation between users and never let things fall through the cracks. Create smart lists to find meaningful data fast - including delegated but uncompleted work. Work anywhere - in a networked office, from home or on the road.

Version 3.1.2:

We've made Daylite Mail Integration (DMI) compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.5.
"Send to Billings" in Daylite will now handle Billings Pro if it's installed on the same computer. If both Billings and Billings Pro are found, Daylite will ask which one should be used, and will remember this preference for future uses of the feature.

Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later.


Lipid Data Analyzer v1.5.1 InclKeygen-DIGERATI for MacOSX

Lipid Data Analyzer v1.5.1 MacOSX InclKeygen-DIGERATI | 11Mb

The accurate measurement of the lipidome permits insights into physiological and pathological processes. Of the present high-throughput technologies, LC-MS especially bears potential of monitoring quantitative changes in hundreds of lipids simultaneously. In order to extract valuable information from huge amount of mass spectrometry data, the aid of automated, reliable highly sensitive and specific analysis algorithms is indispensable. We present here a novel approach for the quantitation of LC-MS data. The new algorithm obtains its analytical power by two major innovations: 1) a 3D algorithm that confines the peak borders in m/z and time direction and 2) the use of the theoretical isotopic distribution of an analyte as selection/exclusion criterion. The algorithm is integrated in the Lipid Data Analyzer (LDA) application, which additionally provides standardisation, a statistics module for results analysis, a batch mode for unattended analysis of several runs and a 3D viewer for the manual verification. The statistics module offers sample grouping, tests between sample groups and export functionalities, where the results are visualised by heat maps and bar charts. The presented algorithm has been applied to data from a controlled experiment and to biological data, containing analytes distributed over an intensity range of 106. Our approach shows improved sensitivity and an extremely high positive predictive value compared to existing methods. Consequently, this application is a valuable improvement in the high-throughput analysis of lipids.

Install Notes
1. Unpack and install the software
2. Run keygen.html to create your own serial -or- if you're lazy, use info in serial.txt

Apple Releases iOS 4.2.1 GM Build

A few minutes ago Apple posted a new GM seed in the iOS Developer Center. The build shows that it’s a GM seed for iOS 4.2.1, with build number 8C148.

Here’s what we know: a reliable source informed us that Apple released this build internally last night, and it’s aimed at fixing major Exchange and audio issues, also documented on Apple’s developer forums. The release of a 4.2.1 GM seed ahead of the rumored iOS 4.2 release (remember, it should have been out last week but Apple released a second GM seed for iPad to address WiFi issues) is curious and, indeed, our source also tells us Apple might just release iOS 4.2.1 to the public next week — thus skipping iOS 4.2 altogether. We don’t know for sure yet.
The Exchange and audio issues seem to be pretty serious, and Apple apparently asked to get testing done on this new GM build by this weekend “no matter what”.
Like I said, this is very interesting. iOS 4.2 isn’t even out yet and we’re already seeing a 4.2.1 GM seed. We’ll keep you posted as we find out more.

iPhone 5 Will Enable Ambitious Remote Computing Program

By Leander Kahney (

We’ve received a tip about an unexpected application for the NFC chip Apple is expected to build into the iPhone 5.

 Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connection technology that would turn the iPhone into an electronic wallet or security

NFC is already in use in Asia and is expected to explode here in the next three to five years, especially if Apple adopts the technology. NFC has been rumored for the iPhone 5, and Apple appears to be gearing up for a NFC revolution. It has made a lot of NFC hires, including a a leading NFC expert and has patented a lot of NFC technology.

If the iPhone 5 does have NFC, applications like an eWallet are a no-brainer. But we’ve been told that Apple is also researching NFC for remote computing.

For example, a NFC iPhone will allow users to carry a lot of their desktop data and settings with them — and load that data onto a compatible Mac.

If users wave a NFC-equipped iPhone at a NFC Mac (they need to be in close proximity to interact), the Mac will load all their applications, settings and data. It will be as though they are sitting at their own machine at home or work. When the user leaves, and the NFC-equipped iPhone is out of range, the host machine returns to its previous state.

“The Mac authenticates with the iPhone, which contains a lot of the information the computer needs, such as bookmarks, passwords and other data,” said our source, who asked to remain anonymous. “The system would essentially turn any Apple computer into your own — like you’re actually working on your own computer. Same settings, look, bookmarks, preferences. It would all be invisible. Your iPhone would be all you needed to unlock your Mac.”

Our source continued: “Address book would show their contacts, and the user would have full access to their information in the same manner they would if they were working from home. This same behavior extends to even showing the same desktop picture, mouse and keyboard settings, and would eventually extend to software licenses and passwords for websites such as Facebook.

“When a person walks away with their iPhone and away from the communication link with the Mac, the original settings of the Mac would be restored. All communications and storage of passwords stays on the user’s iPhone, leaving nothing stored on the computer.

“This functionality is extended to access a user’s home folder, which will be stored and accessed either through storage on MobileMe or by using the Back to My Mac feature to connect to the user’s home folder.”

If true, it raises some interesting possibilities. To do this, Apple may have to add online elements to OS X and its applications. Apple obviously is moving into mobile big time with iOS, but there are some indications that OS X Lion, due next summer, will also have cloud elements.

At the recent demo of OS X Lion, for example, Apple said applications will auto save and auto resume — rather like Google docs. The new MacBook Air looks like a cloud machine, and there’s that massive data center on the east coast.

Apple has been looking at building NFC into the Apple TV, and other PC makers are already building NFC into their machines. Lenovo is offering a NFC as an option on some ThinkPad laptops for secure log-in and online banking using contactless smartcards.

Our source says Apple has always been looking for a way for a user to carry their home folder with them, but with ballooning iTunes and iPhoto libraries, it’s become a challenge.

“I don’t know if this information will be stored on the cloud or not, but I do know that smaller bits such as preference files, system settings, documents, keychain passwords, and other items would be stored on the iPhone for fast retrieval,” they said.

Analyst Sarah Clark of SJB Research, who is also editor of Near Field Communications World, said the key advantage of NFC is that it’s a quick and easy authentication system.

“It makes it very easy to connect two devices together so that information can be transferred between them – much easier than Bluetooth, for instance,” she said.

However, she said the data transfer rate isn’t very fast.

“The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, TransferJet etc – and that’s what I imagine would be happening here,” she said.

Our source also cautioned that the technology may never see the light of day. Although Apple has been working on the system for some time, there’s a chance it will never be released.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DiscLabel 6.2.4 for Mac OSX

  • DiscLabel 6.2.4 Mac OSX
    DiscLabel 6.2.4 | Mac OSX | 23.3 Mb

    With DiscLabel, you can make beautiful CD, DVD and package designs. DiscLabel imports your iTunes track information right into your label design. Design and print your label while your CD is burning! DiscLabel has the most powerful track formatting tools of any labeling design program for the Mac. Browse your iPhoto library. DiscLabel places the chosen picture from iPhoto into your jewel case insert design. With DiscLabel, you can create a design for a disc, jewel case, booklet and more in one step. DiscLabel comes with a wide variety of templates, including professionally-designed template themes for business use. If you've got a presentation, portfolio, annual report, or archive, DiscLabel templates make a great impression. DiscLabel is the best Mac LightScribe design solution! Using LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling, you can burn your label design right onto your disc.

    Features include:
    Start with a pre-designed template, or make your own; Over 150 professionally-designed template sets included
    Import track lists from iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD, Finder, and Toast
    Import images from iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture, iDVD, and Finder
    Multiple layers, drawing tools, and gradients for creating custom designs
    Use more than 1300 clip art files via the DiscLabel Clip Art Browser
    Print to most label and paper types
    Use with direct-to-disc printers and printable CDs / DVDs
    Use with LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling
    Include (and edit!) multi-line text laid out in a circle
    Automate label creation with AppleScript
    Purchase high-quality NEATO labels & media via direct link to store
    Available in English, Japanese, German, Italian, and French

    System Requirements:
    DiscLabel 5.x requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later, and is compatible with OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

    Download Links

Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10.0 Multilingual For MacOSX

Apple Final Cut Studio Pro 5.1 Suite for MacOSX (2010)

HDPVRCapture 2.8.2 for Mac OSX

  • HDPVRCapture 2.8.2 Mac OSX
    HDPVRCapture 2.8.2 | Mac OSX | 8.5 Mb

    HDPVRCapture enables you to record SD or HD H.264/AAC/AC3 via the Hauppauge HDPVR 1212 on your PPC or Intel Mac. If you want an attractive UI then v2 is for you, it's simple to use.

    It's simple to install, drag and drop HDPVRCapture into your /Applications folder. You can playback the recordings in VLC, Plex and other Mac applications, or you can burn the recordings to disk using Roxio's Toast v10 with AVC / Bluray support.

    System Requirements
    Mac OSX 10.5 / 10.6
    Universal Binary PPC or Intel.
    Hauppauge HDPVR 1212 H.264 Hardware Encoder
    Spare USB2 Port. USB1 ports on older Macs (G3) will work, but you will need to keep your video capture bitrates below 11Mbps 8Mbps to avoid problems.

    Release 2.8.2
    Feature: Enable Return/Enter key to start/stop capture.
    Feature: Added support for infinite recording time.
    Feature: Added support for recording to be split into file chunks based on time.
    Bugfix: HDPVR had to be power cycle during startup else not detected.
    Bugfix: Fixes related to file conversions that abort.

    Download Links

Monday, November 15, 2010

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit v1.0.0 iPhone iPod Touch iPad-iOSPDA

Here is new Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for iDevices released by iOSPDA.
Description: Stop racers cold in high-speed police cars like the Lamborghini Reventon – and challenge a friend to a head-to-head Cop vs. Racer showdown via local WiFi or Bluetooth. Made to maximize the Retina Display, the eye-popping visual quality will blow you away! Drive as a cop and make the bust! Take on up to 24 Cop Career Events. Start as a rookie, collect bounty, and progress to the top of the ranks. Lay down the law with roadblocks and spike strips. Fry the racer’s electrical system with an EMP lock. Be the enforcer. Feel the power. Operate up to 15 high-performance police cars. Use nitro and hand brakes. Pull off 180° spins. Grind, nudge, and drift! Accomplish extreme maneuvers and score bounty points!

Release Name: Electronic.Arts.Nederland.BV.Need.For.Speed.Hot.Pursuit.v1.0.0.iPhone.iPod.Touch.iPad-iOSPDA
Size: 366 MB
Download: HOTFiLE | FileServe,

Direct Mail Pro 2.2.6 for Mac OS X

  • Direct Mail Pro 2.2.6 - Mac OS X
    Direct Mail Pro 2.2.6 - Mac OS X | 5.71 MB

    Direct Mail: powerful mailing list management. Direct Mail is mailing list management and email tracking software for Mac OS X.

    What can I do with Direct Mail?
    1. Send email with images, links, and attachments to your mailing lists.
    2. Track who opened your email.
    3. Create automated mailing lists that people can subscribe to using their web browser.

    System requirements:
    Mac Platform: UB
    OS version: 10.5 and 10.6

    Home Page

    Download (HotFile)

    Mirror (FileServe)

KCNCrew Pack 11-15-2010 for Mac OSX

  • KCNCrew Pack 11-15-2010 Mac OSX
    KCNCrew Pack 11-15-2010 | Mac OSX | 5.7 Mb

    Database of serials/cracks for Mac OS X

    Download Links

DropDMG 3.0.4 for MAC OSx

  • DropDMG 3.0.4 (MAC OSX)
    DropDMG 3.0.4 | Mac Os X | 7.2 MB

    The easiest way to create and work with Mac disk images.


    Create and convert disk images and archives with a simple drag and drop. There are also many other convenient ways to invoke DropDMG.
    DropDMG supports all the major formats, including compressed .dmg files (smaller than Disk Utility’s), .sparsebundle files, .zip and .tar.gz archives, and hybrid disk images.
    Configurations let you reuse common collections of options, and temporary options let you easily make one-off changes.
    Quickly burn files, folders, or disk images to CD or DVD. Multi-session support lets you add files to an existing CD.
    Delivering Software
    Create .dmg disk image files, Apple’s recommended container format for deploying Mac OS X software.
    Design reusable layouts with background images and pixel-perfect icon positioning.
    Apply a license agreement that Mac OS X will display before the user can install your software. Licenses support rich text and multiple languages.
    Automatically renders a custom volume icon that badges your application’s icon onto the white disk image icon, with the proper 3D perspective.
    Make your disk images Internet-enabled so that Safari automatically expands them into a folder after download.
    Store your license agreements and layouts in open formats (RTF, XML) under version control.
    Backups, Archival, and Cloning
    Disk images preserve Mac-specific metadata: resource forks, Finder labels, creation dates, ownership, extended attributes, etc.
    Save disk space and network transfer time by compressing your files. Choose faster or more efficient compression.
    Split large files or folders into multiple segments to burn them to optical discs or easily transfer them over a network.
    Verify the integrity of your backups and archives to ensure that the media is still intact and that you’ll be able to restore them if needed.
    Create a device image that records the exact contents of a data CD or DVD. You can then burn bootable backup copies of the disc, or double-click the disk image to access its contents as though the disc were still in your optical drive.
    In one step, create a device image clone of an entire hard drive, optimized for restoring using Apple Software Restore or Disk Utility. This is useful for backups and for setting up multiple computers in a lab.
    Optionally enter your administrator password so that DropDMG can back up all your files, with proper permissions and ownership, while unattended.
    Encrypt files that you want to keep private. DropDMG’s encrypted, writable disk images are faster and safer than Apple’s FileVault, but just as secure and searchable via Spotlight. Compact them to reclaim unused space.
    Create encrypted, compressed disk images to securely transfer files via e-mail, iDisk, or FTP or to store backups safely off-site.
    Choose from 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption, approved by the U.S. National Security Agency.
    Optionally store your passphrases in the Mac OS X keychain, so that you can quickly create and access encrypted disk images, without the hassle of double-typing or the risk of typos.
    Mount disk images at specific locations in the filesystem, so that your applications can keep their support files encrypted.
    Change the passphrase of existing encrypted disk images.
    Mount encrypted, segmented disk images without having to enter the passphrase separately for each segment.
    Runs multiple operations simultaneously, so you that you can keep working while DropDMG processes in the background.
    Takes advantage of multiple processor cores for faster compression and encryption.
    Keeps a detailed log of all the successful operations as well as any errors, including statistics such as the throughput and how much space was saved using compression. New log entries are also reported via Growl.
    Fast disk image mounting: turn off verification to quickly mount disk images, and mount encrypted disk images without having to re-type the passphrase for each segment.
    Get detailed information about your disk images: their formats, partitions, compression ratios, checksums, etc.
    Easily queue up bulk operations for creating, converting, mounting, verifying, getting info, burning, joining, etc. If multiple encrypted disk images share a passphrase, you only need to enter it once.
    Make your favorite destination folders stay in the list of recent folders.
    Process the names of the output files to add the current date or make the filename server-friendly.
    Automate via AppleScript, the dropdmg command-line tool, and Automator.

    Requires: Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6

    Version 3.0.4:
    * When creating a disk image with a layout, DropDMG now sets it to auto-open. This ensures that CDs/DVDs burned from that disk image will auto-open when the disc is inserted.
    * Fixed a bug where invisible version control folders could prevent detached licenses from working.
    * Fixed a bug where Automator would time out during a long disk imaging operation.


TinkerTool System 2.5 For MAC OSX

TinkerTool System 2.5 (MAC OSX)
TinkerTool System 2.5 | Mac Os X | 5.3 MB

TinkerTool System Release 2 is a collection of system utility features helping you in performing advanced administration tasks on Apple Macintosh computers. The application makes use of a self-adapting user interface which automatically adjusts to the computer model and to the version of Mac OS X you are running. All options available in the current situation are accessible via “panes”, very similar to the techniques you already know from the System Preferences application. The features are controlled via a single window which allows you to use the application as a general toolbox and First Aid assistant. This includes:

built-in maintenance features of Mac OS X, usually not visible on the graphical user interface,
extended file operations, not available in the Mac OS X Finder,
the possibility to access advanced system settings which are not visible in System Preferences,
genuine and unique features of TinkerTool System, designed to resolve typical read-world problems of administrators and to fix the effects of certain defects ("bugs") in the operating system.

Together with its sister program TinkerTool which is available at no charge, TinkerTool System is a perfect substitute for the following types of system utilities:
Finder enhancers,
Cache and font cache cleaners,
Tools to access hidden preference settings,
Applications to make objects invisible in the Finder,
Internet browser privacy protection tools,
Programs to control the Macintosh startup chime,
Tools to remove international language support files,
Log file browsers,
Application deinstallers,
Service menu control programs,
Spell-checker dictionary editors,
and many others.

TinkerTool System contains all these functions, and much more, but at a reasonable price, and with proven quality. Click on the items in the menu above to learn more about the program and its features.

Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
Mac OS X Server 10.5 or later.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

GrandReporter 1.3.0 MacOSX

  • GrandReporter 1.3.0

    GrandReporter 1.3.0 | Mac Os X | 10 MB

    GrandReporter lets you automate searches over the internet. Create your queries, and it will scan for new web information periodically. As soon as a new page on one of the subjects is detected on the Internet, you will be alerted, you can view and classify it, and save interesting pages in bookmarks.

    Handle Searches on the Web
    • Automate your searches on the web.
    • Create your own queries.
    • Surveys and detects any new page for the subjects that you are looking for.
    • Preview, save, mark, share, and classify the found pages.
    • Bookmarks, smart lists, etc.
    • And much more...

    Main Features
    Create unlimited number of requests.
    Create search requests for all web sites, or limited to certain web sites only.
    Search and survey is done in background (no need to have GrandReporter launched permanently).
    Warn of new pages found, even if GrandReporter is not launched.
    Web pages preview in integrated browser.
    Manage, classify, remove found pages.
    Bookmarks to store your prefered web pages.
    Smart lists.

    Universal Binary
    Mac Intel
    Mac PowerPC

    MacOS X 10.5 and +

    Download from HotFile
    Download from FileSonic
    Download from FileServe

Classic Mahjong v4.3 (MacOSX )

  • Classic Mahjong v4.3
    Classic Mahjong v4.3 MacOSX Retail-CORE | 12 MB

    DESCRiPTiON: An enjoyable 3D Mahjong solitaire game

    Features include:
    * 3 Different game modes
    * Multiple layouts
    * Multiple tileset graphics
    * Clear 3D graphics
    * Statistics
    * Funky sound effects
    * Full undo and redo
    * Detailed help
    * Three Game modes: Standard play, four rivers, and concentration



Mental Case v1.8.5 (MacOSX )

  • Mental Case v1.8.5
    Mental Case v1 8 5 MacOSX Incl Keymaker-CORE | 14 MB

    Mental Case is many things - a drop box for your thoughts; RSS for your head; an index of your knowledge - but ultimately, it's just a fun way to remember stuff. And 'stuff' can be anything, from your new mobile phone number to the Presidents of the United States - Mental Case can even help you remember to stick to a diet

    All you do is gather tidbits of information in 'mental notes' Enter some text, drop in an image, take a screen shot, or even snap a picture with your iSight. Mental Case schedules the note to reappear at future dates. When you have a few minutes to spare you watch the scheduled notes in a slide show. Mental Case makes learning a pleasure

    Info: _
    iNSTALL/REGiSTER NOTES: Use our keymaker to register the application



Apple Logic Studio 9.1.3 update (MAC OSX)

  • Apple Logic Studio 9.1.3 update (MAC OSX)
    Apple Logic Studio 9.1.3 update [Intel/K] | MacOS | 200 MB

    Logic Studio is a complete set of professional applications that lets you write, record, edit, mix, and perform. It’s also the largest collection of modeled instruments, sampler instruments, effect plug-ins, and audio loops ever put in a single box. So it’s easy to get amazing sounds and amazing-sounding recordings. Now you can tackle any stage of your project yourself — without losing your inspiration along the way. This is the latest Apple Logic Studio Update, includes Logic Studio ID and ProApps System ID.

    Additional recommendations

    * PCI Express, ExpressCard/34, USB, or FireWire-based audio interface
    * At least 2GB of RAM for large EXS instruments
    * USB musical keyboard (or suitable MIDI keyboard and interface) for instruments
    * Logic Node requires a Mac computer with an Intel Core processor.
    * Logic Pro 9.1 and MainStage 2.1 require Mac OS X v10.6.2 or later and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor to run in 64-bit mode. Learn more about running in 64-bit mode

    - Install LogicPro9.1.3Update.dmg
    - After installation: Copy the content of the folder Pro Apps 2010 to: Volume/Library/Application Support/ProApps overwrite any existing files. Logic should have now a volume license.


Bulkypix Crazy Piano v1.0 iPhone iPod Touch-Lz0PDA

Here is one great, funny and exiting iPhone, iPod game for all kids, and for all of you who feel’s like them , so if you want to have fun playing your device, this is a great choice for you…
Description: Specially crafted for small kids, Crazy Piano is the nuttiest Piano you’ll ever play! Gugl and his friends form the silliest band. It swings and rocks but with a twist!

Release name: Bulkypix.Crazy.Piano.v1.0.iPhone.iPod.Touch-Lz0PDA
Size: 13.07 MB
Links: HomepageDownload: HOTFILEFileserve

StuffIt Deluxe 2011 v15.0.2 MacOSX Incl. Keymaker-CORE

Core released latest version of ”StuffIt Deluxe 2011”. This application is the easiest way compress, send, and share large files online.
StuffIt Deluxe is one of the easiest way to share large files online. Stuff, back up, and expand anything. StuffIt Deluxe gives you all the power to shrink your photos, music, and other documents without compromising quality. Enjoy early access to StuffIt Connect, a file transfer and storage service. Securely store up to 2GB of files and share them via email invitations. StuffIt SmartSend takes the guesswork out of sending large files via email. SmartSend automatically compresses and emails smaller files, while larger items are uploaded to a secure website via StuffIt Connect, which allows you to download files from anywhere. Say goodbye to email bouncebacks. StuffIt Deluxe creates disk image files (DMG) directly from MagicMenu, and its improved image compressor now compresses high-quality TIFF or PNG files, dramatically reducing the size of your images without compromising their digital quality. In addition, you can now access all the power of StuffIt directly from your favorite photo editing applications with included export plug-ins for iPhoto and Aperture.
Release name: StuffIt.Deluxe.2011.v15.0.2.MacOSX.Incl.Keymaker-CORE
Size: 70.22 mb
Links: Homepage,
Download: Hotfile, FileServe, Torrent search

File Juicer v4.25 MacOSX Incl. Keymaker-CORE

If you’re a graphic designer or you otherwise work a lot with images, File Juicer can be an extremely useful (if narrow in purpose) utility. Gorup CORE brings you latest build, changelog available (here)
Description: File Juicer is a drag & drop can opener and data archaeologist. Its specialty is to find and extract images, video, audio or text from files which are hard to open in other ways.It finds and extracts: JPEG, JP2, PNG, GIF, PDF, BMP, WMF, EMF, PICT, TIFF, Flash, Zip, HTML, WAV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, MP3, AIFF, AU, WMV or text from files which contain data in those formats.

  • Extract images from a PowerPoint slide show or presentation.
  • Extract images and text from PDF files.
  • Recover images and video from erased flash cards
  • Recover text from damaged files
  • Extract the images and HTML files in Safari’s cache.
  • Extract attachments from email archives.
  • Rebuild simple PDF files into Word documents
  • Convert iPhoto’s iPod cache files and ithmb files to TIFF.
  • Recover photos from your iPod if you have lost your Mac.
  • Extract Flash animations saved in .EXE files.
  • Convert ZIP files which have been saved as .EXE files to zip.
  • Extract the JPEG pictures from Canon & Nikon RAW files.
  • Extract System 7 Sounds
  • Use it for forensics examining cache files of various kinds
  • Invisibly attach files to images – simple steganography
Release Name: File.Juicer.v4.25.MacOSX.Incl.Keymaker-CORE
Size: 6.15MB
Links: HOME

TomTom v.1.5 with complete maps of USA, Canada, Mexico v.855.2934 for iPhone 4 (2010)

  • TomTom v.1.5 with complete maps of USA, Canada, Mexico v.855.2934 for iPhone 4 (2010)
    TomTom v.1.5 with complete maps of USA, Canada, Mexico v.855.2934 for iPhone 4 (2010) | 1.81 GB

    New version of TomTom has improved user interface that is optimized for the iPhone 4. The revitalization of users can view the cartographic materials with high resolution. In addition, added a new navigation function to the photo. The function allows you to retrieve photos from geotagging location coordinates and plot a route to it.

    Year: 2010
    Software version: 1.5
    Revision cards: 855.2934
    Developer: TomTom
    System Requirements: iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 Jailbreak
    Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
    Crack: Not required (cured)

    Key features:
    * IQ Routs: Uses knowledge of millions of drivers for the most rapid promotion at any time;
    * HD traffic: the best information on the movement of passing the tube and precision of the time booked arrival at destination (application fee);
    * ALG;
    * Search on Google;
    * Auto-day and night;
    * Ability to rotate the screen portrait and the book;
    * Mute the music during voice prompts;
    * Save the navigation during telephone calls;
    * Speed cameras and more.

    Changes in new version:
    * Coverage. Detailed map covering 99.9 percent of the U.S., Canada and Mexico
    * Map is optimized for the iPhone 4. Improved graphics resolution, clear maps. Menu with improved sensitivity to touching, more accurate positioning, even in conditions of aggravated receiving GPS.
    * Browse photos. Collect GPS location where the photo you want to go and TomTom will take you there!
    * The new updated map. Because the roads during the year vary on average by 15 percent, applications TomToma go to the most recent cards, ready to navigate. Do not need mobile connection or relationship with these Internet to view the map and a route to your destination.


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